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Mia  Cucine was founded in Veronaby Ottorino Magnabosco, in
the late 70s.  The company has a specific slogan in the production of
its kitchens: "Functional Design." The goal is to make kitchens that
stand out for their refined, innovative and contemporary design while
also considering today's functional living needs.


In 1999 the firm was joined by the brand MK Cucine, a line that
expresses a decisive drive towards the future, thanks to the design and
technological research that characterizes it. In particular, MK’s R&D
division continually researches new materials and develops products that
provide technologically innovative furnishing possibilities. A primary
role in this area is played by Alessandro, Ottorino’s son and the
present Sales Director of the firm (as well as the person in charge of
R&D), a knowledgeable expert of applied information technology for the
most advanced design of kitchens and homes.


MK boasts a great expertise and a recognized manufacturing excellence
that, with the support of the design office, allows it to manufacture
any kind of highly customized products to satisfy even the most
demanding customers. MK's Research and Development office is committed
to the discovery and innovation of new materials and products, with the
ultimate aim of developing original and technological sound furnishing




MK, leading brand of Mia Cucine, is not merely a kitchen but an
extended project. It primarily focuses on today’s new lifestyles and
contemporary living requirements; the project is determined to re
attribute importance to the kitchen and reestablish it as the central
space in a home.

A concept of design that is not just about a 'kitchen', but a broadened

concept arising from the research of new lifestyles, tastes and design.

This is the offering by MK, Mia Cucine's flagship trademark.

The company's mission is to make state of the art products that combine

design research and functionality through the utilization of technological

 innovation and new materials.


 "Functional design is kind of a password that guides our work – stresses

Ottorino Magnabosco- it is a specific corporate philosophy that enables us to design trendy refined kitchens but ones that are innovative in their technological profile and capable of offering flexibility and modularity. We want our kitchens to offer freedom and versatility and this is why we offer total modularity,
a varying range of colors and finishes, in addition to an endless choiceof practical aids and accessories. In other words, we include all that is required to make a kitchen an area that can be used to perfection and in complete freedom".

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