Founded in 1991 in Lissone, in the heart of Brianza-proudly called the “Italian furniture district”- Mussi has evolved over the years by caring for and improving its renowned products. Craftsman with innovation, in a copious collection of upholstered fabrics, chairs and beds with unmatched comfort and many innovative features. This is the heritage of a company with all notable characteristics that distinguish Italian products with a great tradition.

Beside upholstery, core business of the company, due to its design knowledge and technological skills, Mussi introduces now a range of complements which help to define the company’s vision for the home.

Tables, small tables, consoles, bookcases with clear lines but unconventional, represent creativity that foreruns and leads the path for new tendencies.





Although designed for a specific functionality, right from the value of the project, according to the principle of the Bauhaus, a Mussi sofa or bed is a straightforward, emotionally expressive creation.


Not cold elements of design that act as a simple interface between ourselves and the world, but living coexisting energies that enable us to recognize ourselves in our choices, to transform a daily action into something more personal and to pay continuous attention to the ethics of beauty, which soon became the ability to live in harmony.


Objects that transcend passing fads, objects that create new trends, yet are result of the elegance which originates from lifestyles and lives spent working on style.


Renovating oneself, going beyond what has already been done.


Facing the unusual with the usual awareness.


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