Fimes was founded in 1947, by Giuseppe Longoni. It is located in Brianza area, which has become famous all over the world as the “Italian furniture district”. In 1967 Fimes enters the industrial period of its life; from a simple work room to the birth of the company, Fimes sas. This kind of change allowed Fimes to enlarge its space and start a production of high end, designer furniture. In 1977 Fimes built one of the first lines of modular wardrobes, introducing a new way of wardrobe moving in the early 80’s.

In 1995 Fimes continued expanding and included a bedroom line to its impressive portfolio. New products, such as corner beds, walk in closets and high complements were

 artfully designed in collaboration with architects “Leone&Mazzari” (Genoa) and “Marconato&Zappa” (Cantu). Nowadays the company remains a point of reference for quality, refinement and functionality in bedroom furniture production.

The new “Privilege Collection”, launched in 2008, added some exquisite, elegant finishes like ebony and rosewood, complemented by golden or silver leaf, leather and crystals.





Always using the finest materials Fimes beds exude elegance and refinement, yet meet very high standards of comfort.


 Every inch of a wardrobe or closet designed by Fimes is a carefully orchestrated symphony of style, functionality and premiere quality.


 Fimes approaches every area of the bedroom space with unprecedented attention to detail, maximizing its potential, but offering extraordinary design solutions backed up by years of experience and tradition.


Credibility, quality and innovation are our priorities on our quest to meet our customer’s needs. Fimes furniture in your home is a tangible sign that beauty is here to stay.


Visit official FIMES website/ www.fimes.com