Functional Design

MK boasts a great expertise and a recognized manufacturing excellence that, with the support of the design office, allows it to manufacture any kind of highly customized products to satisfy even the most demanding customers. MK's Research and Development office is committed to the discovery and innovation of new materials and products, with the ultimate aim of developing original and technological sound furnishing solutions.
MK kitchen is not merely a kitchen but an extended project. It primarily focuses on today’s new lifestyles and contemporary living requirements; the project is determined to reattribute importance to the kitchen and reestablish it as the central space in a home. A concept of design that is not just about a 'kitchen', but a broadened concept arising from the research of new lifestyles, tastes and design.
Functional design is kind of a password that guides MK work, a specific corporate philosophy that enables MK teams to design trendy refined kitchens, but ones that are innovative in their technological profile and capable of offering flexibility and modularity.

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